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Warmer weather often means that ants start to come out more. With our service through all of Essex County, you can call on our help to prevent ants from taking your food or destroying your house while they look for food.  

Don't let ants be a nuisance or damage your property

Did you know that carpenter ants can be more destructive than termites? Don't let them destroy your house. We will show you the steps that need to be taken to get rid of your ant problem.

•  Indoor ant treatment

•  Outdoor treatment near the windows and doorways

•  Treatment as needed

100% customer satisfaction

you'll be happy you called!

Wipe away the army of ants for good!

Keep ants outside where they belong with our ant extermination service. You will be treated with a service plan that will get rid of the ants and keep your family safe.  

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